Discussion items

6 minMean time to ticket resolution KPIVictor/Scott
  • We have seen between 12 and 15 hours for the last couple of quarters. 
  • Gary mentioned some anomalies were addressed with some script adjustments from a 3-4 quarters past. 
  • Victor to contact Ken about any changes to support of Allocations tickets that might have affected the numbers. 
  • Deeper dive into the ticket number details is a requested next step.
6 minXSEDE equipment purchaseVictor
  • Victor discussed the XSEDE equipment purchasing update (budget and ncsa oversight). 
  • The new non-FTE budget document was updated will all the information provided across XSEDE. 
  • UT already requested funds for VM equipment. 
  • TACC requested funds to support XES at TACC for PY8 and will be transitioning to a monthly fee for service model rather than purchase equipment and chargeback to the project. 
2 minNCSA wants to purchase VM equipmentVictor
  • NCSA via James Eyrich has requested funds for VMs for security (CILogon and MyProxy)
2 minMgr Coordination



  • Jim mentioned Adam Slagell was offboarded since he left NCSA for ESnet and will still remain in the XSEDE trust group.
  • Reminder for managers to update their wiki pages with the changes to the new KPIs

Action items