Mission Statement

The mission of the XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration (XCI) team is to facilitate interaction, sharing and compatibility of all relevant software and related services across the national CI community building on and improving on the foundational efforts of XSEDE.

Goals, Metrics & KPIs


Average satisfaction rating of XCI services4 of 5Advance - create an open and evolving e-infrastructure
Number of new capabilities made available for production deployment7Advance - create an open and evolving e-infrastructure
Total # of systems that use 1 or more CRI-provided Toolkits450Advance - create an open and evolving e-infrastructure
Percentage of XSEDE-recommended tools that are adopted by allocated systems (all Level 1 and Level 2 SPs that are allocated by XSEDE in whole or in part), where the tools are appropriate100%

Advance - create an open and evolving e-infrastructure


Total number of capabilities in production (Project-level)81
Aggregate mean rating of satisfaction with XCI services (Area)4.5 of 5
Number of non-XSEDE partnerships with XCI (Area)8/ year
Mean time to issue resolution (Area)14 days

Leadership Team

David LifkaCornell UniversityDirector
Craig StewartIndiana UniversityDeputy Director
JP NavarroArgonne National LaboratoryManager, RACD
Shava SmallenSan Diego Supercomputer CenterDeputy Manager, RACD
Rich KnepperCornell UniversityManager, CRI
Lucille JarzynkaPittsburgh Supercomputing CenterProject Manager

Communication & Meetings

XCI staff conference calls are on alternate Thursdays at 3PM Eastern

New Staff Orientation


Groups and Projects

Requirements Analysis and Capability Delivery (RACD)

Cyberinfrastructure Resource Integration (CRI)