Discussion items

5 minPersonnel updatesVictor
  • Adam moving to ESnet at the end of the month
  • Replacement for Siva in DTS was discussed with Chris at XQM
  • TACC won the Blue Waters replacement and Greg asking about potential XOC impact;
    • Mike P. discussed with his manager and believes things are in good shape for several months and will continue to function as is.
2 minRoles and responsibilitiesVictor
  • As discussed at quarterly: roles and responsibilities for staff would be a good idea
6 minXES hybrid cloud model draftVictor/Gary
  • Discuss with Gary his reaction and also bring up the security implications with Jim
  • Amazon throttles port 25 and you have to request that it not be throttled; 
    • This AWS account is owned by Univ of Illinois; 
    • There is an admin at Univ of Illinois that has all the keys to AWS that XSEDE (and U Illlinois) uses;
    • Gary wants to have a discussion with Chris Quene and Jim. Gary believes Chris is the only one and there is not a backup.
1 minSysOps non-FTE budgetVictor
  • TACC is requesting the PY8 XSEDE funds for XES operation; Victor to send a note to TACC with recap.
1 minAction items from QMVictor/Scott
  • Tim gave presentation to solicit feedback on new focus for DTS
3 minMgr CoordinationVictor
  • Gary mentioned the Embassy Suites hotel charge snafu at the quarterly
  • Jim mentioned that the presentation by Adam at NSF Cybersecurity Summit about the XSEDE incident in Dec 2016 was well received.

Action items