Action Items:

Due Date
Follow up with Ken about discrepancy between reviewing rubric and instructionsdoneRobert Sinkovits 
Follow up with Ken about items that automatically make a proposal rejected being stated earlier in the proposal (ie declaring other supercomputing allocations, scaling document, etc)doneRobert Sinkovits 
Come up with a follow up process for staff who have been onboarded/offboarded Karla Gendler, Marques Bland 

Create a form letter that is a welcome letter to ECSS

Review ECSS onboarding materials

Send link to ECSS mgmt. to onboarding materials

 Robert Sinkovits, Philip Blood 
Create a new JIRA project for ECSS onboarding (perhaps Confluence template) Marques Bland 
  • Jay will draft a brief implementation plan and we will review on ecss-mgmt call
    • Lonnie needs to monitor ability to assign projects
    • Encouraging sharing of opportunities via
    • Look at partner travel survey in email
    • Discuss options for an ECSS workshop/training (perhaps funded by PIF). This can also be discussed on
 Jay Alameda 

ECSS ALL topics

  • Discuss reviews and the process of reviewing proposals
  • Discuss with staff about staff's autonomy/empowerment in managing their time working on a project. (Topic during ECSS ALL meeting) - even out
  • Discuss 10% time for training: implementation (Jay)


Notes/ Discussion items: