Discussion items

5 minChanges for IPR6Scott
  • L3 Templates are due to Scott by this Friday.
  • Some new look to the template, but should be a little less work for each group manager.
  • Scott will send a follow-up email with more instructions
5 minOperations PY8 Non-FTE budgetVictor
  • The funds for equipment for the rest of XSEDE2 should be set up in the budgets for PY8 and purchased in PY8.   
  • There is a Google doc containing budget info. See the e-mail that Victor sent with the meeting minutes.
1 min

Reminder: the XSEDE Quarterly Meeting is Aug 27-29

  • Mgrs reminded to make travel arrangements now
3 minMgr CoordinationJim
  • Jim asked if we would ever be able to have Duo MFA for all users and use that as a requirement for changes to a person’s portal profile page. 
    • We discussed ideas and it will likely be too expensive to cover all allocated users (order 20,000).
    • However, we could request the portal be changed for authentication to allow use of Duo if  a user is registered with Duo.  So use MFA if the user has it set up but it would not be everyone so it keeps the cost manageable.
1 min Tim
  • Tim brought up about Laura sending a note out about any publications, recommendations, and process improvements that come from the various locations.   
    • Group managers are supposed to put a note on the response to those items.   
    • Tim had two specific items for DTS and Scott said go ahead and mark them as resolved.

Action items