Discussion items

18 minNSF review and panel responsesVictor/Greg
  • Responses attached to e-mail. XSEDE main response doc link is
  • Greg sent a MSWord document with the Operations questions and on the call we assigned each of the items to staff. 
    • 4.3 Tim/Tabitha,
    • 5.1 Jim/Adam/Victor,
    • 5.2 Tim/Tabitha,
    • 5.3 Gary/Victor,
    • 5.4 Greg/Jim/Adam/Victor.
  • Please provide responses in the MSWord document by Thursday afternoon.  Greg/Victor/Scott will review and post in the Google doc by late Thursday.
3 minQuarterly Meeting Action item: Identify exempted Operations data from the data management planVictor
  • Need to identify this
  • Discussed Ops data that is secondary but that should not be part of the data mgmt plan (e.g., ticket data, CDB, security details will need to be scrubbed or not shared. Logs may be irrelevant or will require scrubbing.  XOC playbook?).
    • Also need to make sure data is anonymized if it is to be covered by the data mgmt plan (XDCDB, logging, ticket data, perfsonar data, etc.).
    • Need to discuss in separate meetings with the group leaders and perhaps their groups individually. 
    • Related to planning in PY8 for the transition and archiving data according to the data management plan.
4 minWritten Virtualization/cloud plan for XESVictor
  • Need to add a new risk register entry for use of AWS (from Sonia, Scott for Gary)
  • Gary mentioned that XDMoD now would have to pull from AWS instead of from their own tertiary copy.   
4 minDiscuss plan and any status update on the outreach to unallocated SPs for doing Data Transfer support.Victor
  • Rick reached out to the SP Forum for pilots
  • Just note to create a written plan for doing the DTS outreach for data transfers to unallocated SPs. 
  • The NSF panel respons mentioned above does not need to have the full plan but can mention that the plan is being developed and have started with a pilot project(s).
0 minNo manager coordination (covered above)NA 

Action items