Discussion items

2 minPY7 Annual report. Scott

Scott to send templates this week

2 minImprovements and Recommendations inputScottSee -
1 minPublicationsScottScott asked L3s to add any publications to their report template
2 minRisk ReviewScott

Scott reminded L3s of the e-mail sent last week regarding the RR4

  • complete the RR by April 30
4 minNew and improved Non-fte budget document.Victor

See -

  • Victor to review with Ron
  • Victor will make document writeable once he and Ron have reviewed
3 minSecurity incident at NCSAJim

Non-XSEDE related system had a SSHD Trojan installed on it. 

  • Account that was compromised was a user that had an XSEDE account.
  • That user reset the password on that XSEDE account as a precaution. 
  • Did not affect XSEDE resources.
3 minXAB meeting last weekGreg

Greg did an Ops presentation and talked about several Ops items including security. 

  • One of the people on the review panel in Jan discussed having XSEDE follow one of the NIST standards. 
  • Also, how to secure virtualized services was part of the discussion. 
3 minDiscuss DTS PY8 PlanGreg/Tim

Greg wants to have a meeting soon to discuss next-steps for the new DTS plan

  • Scott to schedule a meeting on DTS with Tim, Greg, Scott, Victor, and Tabitha

Action items