Executive Summary of Meeting 

Tuesday, April 17 (6-8pm CDT dinner) & Wednesday April 18 meeting (8am-3pm CDT)


Aloft Hotel

9700 Balmoral Ave.

Rosemont, IL 60018

(847) 671-4444

Reservations: https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/XSEDE18


Hotel Shuttle

From O'Hare:

From Hotel:


PRESENT (tick)/(error)
XAB Members 
Karin Remington (Chair)(tick)
Randy Bryant(error)
Thomas Cheatham(tick)
Toni Collis

(tick) Remote

Rama Govindaraju(error)
Cliff Jacobs(tick)
Albert Lazzarini(error)
Phil Maechling(tick)
Shaowen Wang(tick)
Theresa Windus(error)
Service Provider Forum 

J. Ray Scott


Shawn Strande

(tick) Remote
David Hancock(tick)
User Advisory Committee 
Emre Brookes(tick)
XSEDE Staff 
John Towns(tick)
Nancy Wilkins-Diehr(error) 
Kelly Gaither(tick)
David Lifka(tick) Remote
David Hart(tick)
Sergiu Sanielevici(tick)
Gregory Peterson(tick)
Ron Payne(tick)
Laura T. Herriott(tick)
Lizanne DeStefano(tick)
Jennifer Houchins(tick)
Tuning In Remotely 
Karla Gendler (tick)
Lorna Rivera 
Debra Nigra(tick)
Sonia Nayak(tick)
Marques Bland(tick)


Tuesday, April 17th (Room: Exchange 1)

Time (CDT)

6:00 - 8:00 pmDinner & discussion of agenda and process for WednesdayAllPlease notify Ron Payne of any dietary needs

Wednesday, April 18th (Room Exchange 1)

Time (CDT)

DurationTopic (w/links to presentation materials)
7:00 am60 minsBreakfast
8:0015 mins

Welcome and introductions

8:1530 mins

Session I: XAB Meeting Minutes & Members Update

8:4545 mins

Session II: January Panel Review Recommendations

9:3045 mins

Session III: June Panel Review Points of Interest

10:1515 minsBreak
10:3045 minsSession IV: RAS PY8 Plan Highlights
11:1545 minsSession V: XCI PY8 Plan Highlights  
12:00 pm45 minsLunch
12:4545 minsSession VI: OPS PY8 Plan Highlights 
1:3045 minsSession VII:  ECSS PY8 Plan Highlights
2:1515 minsBreak
2:3045 minsSession VIII: CEE PY8 Plan Highlights 
3:1545 minsSession IX: Program Office PY8 Plan Highlights
4:0015 minsWrap-up/Close Meeting


  1. Link to Google Doc Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11arIaN6jfkeGMzjynJaqIPe-lG0NGUBeNF75YLyLFO0
  2. Link to Draft PY8 Plannning Report (for XAB review): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PVzpvz_mAW-drC4aCIL6OYeL38JJvaoT6acKBcfHzDw