Update the Inside XSEDE format.

Many staff don't read it in its current format. Create a shorter, more modern version of telling elevator pitch vs. current Inside XSEDE format. Per NSF request at midyear review, make sure what we're putting out provides a 10,000 ft view vs. starting with deeper dives.
Science Highlights titles to include why everyone should care about this.Science Highlights should include why everyone should care about this. The Science highlights rubric includes this. The title also needs to convey this.

Action Items:

Due Date
Shorten Inside XSEDEMany staff feel current format is too long. Look at options to shorten Inside XSEDE, provide links to do deeper dives if interested.ER staff Kristin Williamson; Hannah Remmert 
Inside XSEDE readership.Provide analytics on readership of Inside XSEDE.ER team Hannah Remmert; Kristin Williamson 
Solicit content topics from SP Forum.More unallocated SPs than allocated and they ask for different things. Many examples of impact with these SPs. Communicate with J. Ray Scott at PSC, the SP Forum chair.ER team Kristin Williamson 

Notes/ Discussion items: