Plans for dealing with a range of scenarios that could potentially disrupt the successful execution of a quarterly XRAC meeting.

Scenario 1: Weather disruption at meeting city

Situation: Severe weather (snow, hurricane, etc.) causes widespread disruption of XRAC member travel, and a large number of members are unable to attend in person. (Assume for this scenario that XSEDE staff are on site; otherwise, refer to Scenario 2.)

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Scenario 2: XSEDE allocations staff unable to reach meeting site

Situation: Travel plans for XSEDE allocations staff are disrupted (e.g., flight cancellation, weather, and so on), and while most XRAC members arrive, the core allocations staff are not on site.

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Scenario 3: Network/wi-fi disruption in meeting hotel or city

Situation: Everyone arrives as usual, but hotel or destination city suffers from sustained (many-hour) networking or wi-fi disruption.

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Scenario 4: Equipment malfunction

Situation: Ken's laptop or one of the laptops of the allocations team is damaged, lost, or stolen en route or at the destination.

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