Cleanup of tasks in JIRA needs to involve placing them in buckets that determine what we will do with each activity by the end of XSEDE, and then making the changes to JIRA to reflect that disposition.

Each section below is one of those buckets.


Tasks that have no value to XSEDE or ACCESS and are being canceled.

Tagging: Use the existing Task Status “Cancel”


Tasks that XSEDE should complete before the end of the program that are not driven by ACCESS per-se. 

Tagging: Use the existing Tasks Status = Proposed, Planned, In Progress, Dev-Ops, etc. and Fix Version = PY11

View tasks: <link to JIRA query>

Transition Tasks

Tasks that XSEDE needs to do to wrap-up, transition, and hand off components, pilots, activities, etc to ACCESS awardees.

Tagging: Use a new task Type = Transition and Fix Version = PY11.

View tasks: <link to JIRA query>