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5 minWelcomeHappy 2022!
 15 min L2 update
  • Please enter your publications into XUP (e.g. PEARC21 contributions).
  • Quarterly NaIP activity and ECSS project reports will be due by 1/31. As ever, looking for highlight suggestions.
  • The current XRAS proposal submission window is open until 1/15. Please check if any of the groups you are in contact with are applying, or ought to do so. Helping with proposals is a NaIP activity you should report for credit ("lightweight consulting").
  • Consider . For contributions, but also (per Bob Sinkovits' email just now) as reviewers.
  • ECSS symposium speakers needed! Anytime February to August 2022.

25 minActivity updateAll

Paul Rodriguez PI Jiaze He work continues. Kelly Pierce is starting working a NLP project with civil engineering folks, about water infrastructure in the Arctic - stakeholder interviews to process. This is award NSF Award Search: Award # 2022666 - NNA Track 2: Collaborative Research: Water Infrastructure in the Arctic: Vulnerabilities at the Intersection of Social, Natural and Physical Systems

Kevin: will discuss affinity groups at the 1/11 Champions meeting. They may wish to discuss "life after ECSS" with us.

5 minWrap-upNext zoom on 1/24

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