IPR18 to go in in Sept & cover May 1-Aug 31, 2022.

  • Include lessons learned for all of XSEDE2 as appendix so this doc can be shared with the community separately
  • Include all metrics data. 
  • Include trend analysis
  • Will work on lessons learned etc. throughout 2022 so as much of the doc as possible is complete by Aug 31, 2022

IPR19 submitted in Dec or Jan. Could include:

    • Some analysis  
    • Info on transition experience (if possible) 
    • Final financials
Final Report
  • Final report to come sometime in 2023 would have last of longitudinal studies, ROI. 
    • When that is submitted, IPR18 & IPR19 to be attached for completion. 
Longitudinal studies planLS data collection will go through Aug 31, 2022. Need full year after that for analysis and production of pubs. Will release reports as they become available for the community. Full report to be included in Final Report in 2023.
ROIDue to Intersect360 work, ROI would like to have full year for analysis and production of pubs.
TransitionJohn planning based on assumptions that operational aspects of XSEDE will finish Aug 31 2022. Presumes that any transition efforts are complete by that time and ACCESS takes over. 
Reporting plan to NSFJohn will submit reporting plan to NSF before holiday break. NCE request to go to them in Jan/Feb.
PEARC23 & IHPCSS23 evalIf funds are available, would like to support these evaluations. Lizanne to provide budgets so project can assess availability of funds.

Action Items:

Due Date

12-mo budget for ROI

Winona will provide 12-mo budget for IU

Ron to work with Craig to get a 12 mo budget for NCSA

(Not tagging anyone since I included this on the NCE action page)

Budget for shutting down financials

Ron will provide a budget for what is needed to shut down financials
Final scientific impact metrics analysis for IPR18Need to reach out to Gregor & Fugang to discuss this
Eval team input for final report structureThe evaluation team should provide John with input on the preferred outline/structure for the final report
IPR18 outlineJohn to rework the IPR18 outline and share proposed final reporting plan with Bob & Al before the holidays


Notes/ Discussion items: