Discussion items

2 min

IPR discussion


End of the quarter at the end of this month. 

  • Scott will send template, fill out and return as usual, and return by Feb 2
  • Also reminded managers about Quarterly meeting the first week of March in Tampa, FL
12 minPanel review summary with any action items that Operations (security probably has a few) needs to noteGreg

Overall, went well.

  • John Towns was not in attendance. 
  • Discussion about KPIs, security including discussion about aligning XSEDE with standards.
  • Also, tried to discuss the difference between XSEDE security and SP security. 
  • Notes from meeting are online. 
  • Bob is going to push to get the second half of the XSEDE funds released to Illinois.  
  • Will need to write a response to the final review panel report
7 minReview and discussion of Tim Boerner’s note about DTS items (from 1/10 11:18am)Tim/Greg

Tim sent a note on Jan 10 describing DTS work plans and giving a little more detail about each of those items.

  • NSF’s CC* program aligned well with that.   This includes areas to work on and working with I2 on a new ideas for network architecture for XSEDEnet.  
  • Greg wants to follow up with a meeting to go into the details. 
2 min

XSEDE Operations ticket review


Please review your areas and resolve tickets as soon as reasonable

  • SysOps has several

Manager Coordination

N/ANothing mentioned

Action items