This is what we stated in the response to the 2017 NSF panel report:

Following the recommendation from the SP Forum and the panel, RAS will be leading an XSEDE-wide effort to build an ongoing recruiting process to sustain, grow, and ensure appropriate turnover of XRAC members, consistent with the budgetary constraints for in-person meetings. We will develop a suite of communications materials in cooperation with the External Relations team, including a web page, flyer, PPT slides, news items, and social media messaging. The materials will be distributed to groups across XSEDE, including CEE, ECSS and others, with guidance on incorporating these materials into their interactions with current and potential users. RAS will also establish a regular schedule of requests to relevant stakeholder groups (SP Forum, Campus Champions, UAC, XRAC, and users) to encourage them to support the recruiting effort and/or volunteer. To support the more rapid turnover, RAS will evaluate and, where needed, improve its XRAC on-boarding materials to ensure seamless involvement of newer committee members.

Communications Materials