Action Items:

Due Date


Notes/ Discussion items:

If any new reviewers, should be sure to define KPIs early in the intro/governance presentations.

Everyone should change any references to "PY10" to "RY5" and PY11 to RY6 in the panel review slides Leslie Morsek Marques Bland Lucille Jarzynka Scott Wells Sonia Nayak please help ensure this happens in your L2 areas.

Remove IRIS slide (9)

Slide 11:

Slide 16/finances: remind that they have the WBS areas defined in handouts, talk them through an example. 

Eval slides

Fellows program: Slide 17: Began as just ECSS, but now include other parts of XSEDE (XCI, fellows designed projects, etc.) Robert Sinkovits will send Lizanne updated info.

Where to put IHPCSS? Didn't happen last year...