TACC PS $200K approved

Student & Faculty for comp-for-change
OpenStack Toolkit approved$100,130 Indiana, Cornell; XCRI to work with Aristotle Federated Cloud project to build toolkit (similar to XCRI’s OpenHPC toolkit).
CCRS Toolkit approved$100K TACC, Cornell;

IHPCSS PS$60K NCSA - Jay to update the amount and let Ron know. Take to SMT for approval.

Action Items:

Due Date

Develop +5% exercise to utilize forecasted unspent funds at the end of XSEDE project

Using the information from the XSEDE Annual Report, L2-L3 staff are asked review their +5% activities, turn in to Ron on September 29, for discussion during SMT meeting on October 7; Leslie to coordinate with PMs.



Notes/ Discussion items:

When we reviewed the spend plan in June 2021, there was 3.9M forecasted unspent funds at the end of the project.

As of August 25, 2021, for this spend plan we forecast $3.1M unspent funds at the end of the project including 427K for PS.

Kelly: Projected wish list for PS (asked for $480K and received almost $200K) for CEE (TACC) - want to do student engagement. We need $200K approximately. Can send the breakdown again for Ron. Don't plan any travel until 2022 - but still not sure about it until at least October this year. JT is comfortable with this number, Kelly will send a closer estimate to Ron. 

Since we split up S&E and PS because NSF looks at them differently, it's easy to move funding from S&E to PS, but not vice versa. Currently we're showing $280K unspent funds for PS, so moving $200K won't be a problem. Funding people beyond the life of the project needs no cost extension. SC'22 will be outside the timeline. Are there any conferences inside the timeline that can be added to fund students, i.e. virtual SC'21 for students. 

Support for the International HPC Summer School (IHPCSS) in July 2022. We already moved $60K PS for it in the last quarterly meeting. Not including instructors. How about Mentors? This typically runs about $100K to include non PS funds - Ron will follow up with Jay.)

Campus Champion travel budget for SC'21 and PEARC'22?

Dana: how do you register students for SC? Linda: Use my Corporate CC and register them, 20 at a time, easier to do this than try to get reimbursement from Finance. For SC, I do this individually. PEARC'21 expenses are about $22K. 

JT: not opposed to fund travel for Champions. 

$3.1M forecasted unspent funds - how can we spend it? In the annual report we did +-5% exercise, we can focus on the +5% exercise. OpenStack toolkit and CCRS toolkit PIF - approved. No objection. 

Plan to have discussion on the +5% during (3 weeks for working on this, 1 week for Ron to pull together) SMT meeting on October 7. Deadline Sept 29 for L2-L3. Leslie coordinates with the PMs. 

From Ron's email: Here is a summary of the BusOps action items that I took away from the QM spend plan session:

Approved (PCRs needed):

Pending Approval

Campus Champions Fellows Forecast (send breakdown to Bob)