Agenda, Discussion, and Action Items

Agenda & Discussion


  1. Quick review of RDR plan (all)
  2. Update on what was recently delivered (Liz and Rob)
  3. Share new SP Coordination request (Tabitha and Liz)
  4. Discuss what the next priorities should be
    1. Combining earlier and more recent requests and plans
    2. Factoring what is worth doing and turning over to XSEDE's successor


Recent deliverable (Liz and Rob)

New SP Coordination request (Tabitha)

Next priority

We agreed to implement Phase 2 using Tabitha's SP Coordination request as the pilot.

Phase 2 would implement configurable field groups and fields that can be associated with a resource and be managed without having to modify RDR code or the underlying data schema:

Some have concerns that it's possible for fields entered by some to be changed by others:

We want to make sure that this increased flexibility doesn't create complexity.

Before starting Phase 2 Elizabeth Pantalone plans to upgrade Ruby and perform other maintenance and fixes.

Action Items