Discussion items

1 minRisk ReviewScott
  • As of this morning only XOC and SysOps have not completed their review.  Complete these by Friday.
1 minQuarterly ReportingScott
1 minNSF Panel ReviewVictor/Scott
  • Victor mentioned the review went well and we did not get any recommendations that Ops must implement. No official recommendations for the project.  We wondered if there was going to be any type of review or something related to the end of the project and when ACCESS awardees will be announced.
2 minPEARC recapVictor/Dave
  • Discussed the conference and that it was all Zoom and had, in general, the same participants.  There were 3 tracks.  They did prerecorded videos and then short presentations with Q&A at the end. 
1 minTransition to ACCESSVictor
  •  Most of them are related to knowing who will be the awardee and how transition will happen on those first days.
2 minQuarterly meetingVictor
1 minClimate SurveyVictor
  • Reminder for everyone to do the climate survey.  You know who you are as you got an email today about it.  Be sure to encourage XSEDE staff in your group to do the survey.
NAMgr. Coordination

Action items