minQuarterly meetingVictor
  • June 22-23: be sure to have this on your schedule and attend the Ops portion of the meeting.  NSF review test runs will be the main focus
3 minAnnual NSF ReviewVictor
  •  Jun 28th dry run; June 29 panel review; Ops managers need to be reachable in case we get any questions for the evening on Tues Jun 29th
13 minMgr. CoordinationEveryone
    • We discussed the COVID masks, vaccination and travel issues 
    • Derek: security issues remain quiet
    • Tabitha: Asked about a new SP asking for a perfSONAR. No issues can move forward with that
    • Carman: All running normal and including adding Delta to the SP resources
    • Gary: Have some services trying to migrate off CentOS 6. 
    • Victor asked if there was any staff leaving the project and everyone said none they knew of 

Action items