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11 minCybersecurity transition itemsDerek
  • Will have to hand off by the last day (if it is a current awardee) or turn it off. The Kerberos realm is the big one with authentication.  A new awardee will have to figure out how to set up a new KRB realm.    The qualys reports would not be handed off.  Anything with an XSEDE credential would have to be replaced. Issuing new XSEDE certificates (currently from for services will be an issue also.  
 6 min DTS Dave
  •  Items discussed: Dynamic DNS, perfSONAR and MADDASH, will just continue operating. Dave to check with Cathy on the inventory. The XSEDEnet private networks can be deactivated but with the configuration left in place.  Coordinate with I2 on XSEDEnet shutdown which may be a shutdown and turned back on by sites with the new awardee. 
2 minXOCCarman
  • Main focus would be the documentation in the routing guide and hand that off to the new awardee.  Nothing to turn off, just transition monitoring activities.
8 minSysOpsGary
  • Kerberos is the biggie and make that the last thing.   We can archive items.  As long as DNS is working services should be able to operate as long as we want to operate them.  Email and RT would be user facing items if those are offline without and awardee to transition to.  Nagios for monitoring would be one of the last things.  The AWS instances would need to be copied out first if there is no awardee to transition to.  The AWS contract is run through UIUC (NCSA).  XRAS is in AWS including XDCDB.  SSO hub and nagios is in jet stream.  XCI items moved to AWS.   XSEDE Duo would no longer work on the last day.
NAMgr Coordination
None. Not enough time to discuss.

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