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5 minutesWelcome
15 minutes L2 update
  •  Annual report process begins this week. Please make sure that all your NaIP activity reports, ECSS quarterly and final reports are entered. Also, any publications not previously entered into the XUP.
  • Progress or achievement highlights needed! Summary with a captioned jpeg. Ideas? Volunteers?
  • We are planning an ECSS all-hands meeting by June 2, stay tuned for the announcement. What are topics we should discuss?
30 minutesActivity reviewAll

Paul Rodriguez and Bryon Gill: ECSS project with PI Antaki, "Predicting Corporate Default":

  • PEARC21 contributions (BoFs, Panels, Posters, Visualizations)
5 minutesWrap-upSergiu SanieleviciNext meeting: May 17.

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