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5 minutesWelcome
 10 minutes L2 update
  •  Final reports for ECSS projects we've worked on
  • Publications
  • Symposium speakers for May and beyond sought. (Thank you Kelly Piercefor your excellent March symposium talk!) Please contact Robert Sinkovitsif interested.
  • Please consider volunteering for training assistance at the International HPC Summer School 2021. Please contact Jay Alameda if interested.
  • Sergiu has set aside time each Friday for one-to-one discussions with team members: 1 pm to 2 pm Eastern.  Please email Sergiu Sanielevici by EOB Wednesday to schedule a 30 minute or 60 minute conversation on any topic related to your ECSS/XSEDE work.
35 minutesActivity updatesAll

Please continue to update
ECSS projects recommended at the March XRAC meeting will soon be made available for volunteers. Are there any that we've mentored? Davide Del Vento: GISandbox / Hour of CI got renewed and asked ECSS, so he will continue working with Eric Shook.

Proposals for new/renewed Research grants are due for submission to the June XRAC by April 15. Are there any that we've mentored? Lisa Lowe is working on a proposal.

Sudhakar Participating ECSS3-5804 Project Materials HUB FDO from Georgia Tech  where a persistent data identifiers are generated and data and metadata published. Also in OpenKIM from University of Minnesota where parameter for force fields are optimized.

PEARC21 contributions  Sudhakar and IU group had several papers and 3 of IU Tutorials are now accepted.

Best practices for developing new projects in the current conditions?
Best practices for skills development in the current conditions?

5 minutesWrap-upSergiu SanieleviciNext meeting: April 19 (since 4/5 is Easter Monday)

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