Discussion items

10 minLiferay security discussionScott

Had a discussion about the risk issue with the Liferay potential vulnerability.  

  • Decided to trigger the existing risk covering this and follow the process to accept the risk.  Alex triggered the risk as we were on the call.
10 minTransition planning (follow-on award risks)Scott Discussed how the solicitations being out now gives insight into things we could not or did not anticipate regarding the transition.   Need to identify any additional risks and put in risk register.  Now that we know it will be broken into separate awards it gives us more concrete information to use on transition thoughts and potential PY11 planning.  David brought up question about is there risks associated with loss of staff. Scott answered that, yes, we have existing risks to handle loss of staff.
7 minMgr. Coordination and other
  • Need to look at Duo license and include PY11 information for Duo in the PY11 request for Operations (Victor)
  • Security adjusted their PY11 as best they could for the staffing for PY11. Still working through it.
  • Scott mentioned also to do the +-5% budget exercise.
  • Victor mentioned to put in the PY11 plans to have tasks and time for writing publications to describe your area (or to work on an Ops paper) either accomplishments or significant items.  See the XSEDE publication as an example.

Action items