Discussion items

10 min

PY11 Planning


Scott walked through the Planning SOW tabs and went through what needs to be in the PY11 Plan tab when Planning is complete. 

3 minFollow-on award risksScottScott discussed that there might be risks that result from the XSEDE follow-on solicitations. He asked the managers to think about such risks for their area and add any that are relevant with a deadline of the end of this month (Feb).
4 min


ScottScott went over two parts of this. One is to make sure than any publications that the managers had or their staff had should be added to the portal. The second part is that, as part of the Planning process, each group should identify potential publications for PY11 and add them to the appropriate tab in their SOW spreadsheet. 
3 min

Quarterly Meeting

ScottReminded everyone of the upcoming QM in March (10-11). Scott discussed that this QM is the one where the L2 directors present their plan for the upcoming project year. Because the Ops presentation is built off of the SOWs, it’s important that we have the SOWs complete in the coming days so Scott, Greg, and Victor can begin building the slide deck for that presentation. Scott also reminded the managers to be sure and complete the QM meeting form if they want to have a parallel or plenary session.
10 min

Mgr. Coordination

  • Cybersecurity - Scott mentioned that we’ll discuss updates to the Liferay upgrade in a future Ops-mgmt meeting. Derek indicated that he had yet to receive any communication from Kelly/Maytal regarding the latest. Scott indicated that Greg could provide details of what was discussed on the prior SMT call about this. In a nutshell, Kelly (along with Maytal) decided that, due to the short time remaining in the XSEDE project and the amount of work required to do a upgrade, that UII will not be doing the upgrade.
  • DTS & SP Coord. - two new SPs coming on board... one is StonyBrook's Ookami cluster and two is Jetstream 2. Ookami is level 2 and Jetstream 2 is level 1... both allocatable dates are TBD. Tabitha mentioned to Derek that he may want to reach out to the PoCs with security type info.
  • XOC - Carman reminded Scott about meeting with Julie and Gary to try to increase the response rate on the XOC user satisfaction survey.
  • SysOps - nothing to report.

Action items