Discussion items

2 minNew risks for transition based on recent solicitationsScott

Scott mentioned at the last SMT call John mentioned about the NSF solicitation and there are risks since CEE and ECSS are not in the new solicitation and there will be risks associated with that. 

  • John asked that all think about this and bring up any issues.
10 min IPR14 due Scott

 Scott made the google doc and sent a link around

  • Quarterly risk review
    All have already done the risk review
  • Quarterly highlights and metrics data
    Update your info in the google docs
  • Quarterly publications submissions
    Communicate to all funded staff to add any publications in the portal.  Use common sense, says Scott
4 minLiferay update (if there is one)Greg

Greg emailed Kelly and copied Maytal last week. 

  • Maytal replied and encourage to communicate on what is going on. 
  • If after a month no further effort on this Greg will continue the discussion. 
  • Circle back on this in March, but before the quarterly.
1 min

Hybrid Cloud plan

VictorVictor mentioned at the SMT that the Hybrid Cloud plan is complete and there is no plans to move any new services to the cloud
10 minMgr. CoordinationNA
  • Security: Alex mentioned two new security engineers at NCSA.  One reliving Chris Clauson and Ryan Walker is auditing XES in AWS; Derek mentioned the recent vulnerabilities including the sudo exploit. CentOS 7 and 8 patch delivered in 1 day. This includes Open OnDemand.  Alex has a concern about CentOS 6.  Mostly think it is on infrastructure systems that are not user facing.
  • DTS: Dave mentioned PerfSonar are almost all 10G and Gary asked what OS they were running in case the vulnerability
  • XOC:  Carman mentioned all is doing well with all but one person working from home.  Continuing to work on ticket buckets and new process for ticket handling.
  • SysOps: Focus on the sudo vulnerability.  Migrating CentOS 6 to 7.  Patched SSO hub for sudoedit vulnerability.  Atlassian no longer sells the server version of JIRA and Confluence. For the future it will be cloud based.   Gary mentioned CentOS 8 and it will be an upstream version of RHEL. 

Action items