Discussion items

10 min

UREP representation


Derek gave a brief summary of the UREP. Victor had been the Ops representative but wants to give up that role. Asked if someone in the Ops group would be willing to participate. UREP meets quarterly. Tabitha agree to participate. Scott or Victor to send a note to JP to notify him of the change. 

2 minOps Transition plan updateScottScott asked the managers to complete updates to their section of the transition plan by CoB today. Victor and Scott to review tomorrow.
2 min

“Other Metrics” for IPRs


Scott discussed the need to update any "Other Metrics” that have targets for the upcoming IPR. 

4 min

Liferay upgrade status

DerekDerek reached out to Alex Rocha and Maytal for a status update on the upgrade. Maytal said she would send an e-mail with an update.
10 min

Mgr. discussion

  • Tabitha asked Derek if Cybersecurity wanted to do a security review of the new SPs coming on board. Derek said that he and/or Alex would at least get in touch with the reps for these SPs to cover basic info.
  • Dave asked Derek about the OSN project with its end date supposed to be this summer. Derek said that though additional funding request was denied, the path for additional funding needed to go to a different area of NSF than the initial funding went. Though the project is slated to “end” this summer, there is still interest in the project and it’s still fluid. 

Action items