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2 min

Update on next round of XSEDE reporting

  • Scott mentioned the next report in November covering Aug-Oct. 
    • Templates will be sent out as usual
    • Due back to Scott Nov 2-3. 

XSEDE mid-year review (Jan 11-12, 2018): What Operations needs to accomplish by this time. 

  • Most likely Greg and Adam will attend for Operations
    • There are items from the summer review that will need to be accomplished by the time this review happens. 
    • The main topic for Ops is the security incident and recommendations . 
    • Changes to education allocation based accounts and change in policy about requiring PIs to revalidate users on accounts. 
    • Also the centralized syslog server. 
    • Should be prepared to discuss ticket information, DTS work and SysOps activities.   Those should be high priority items from now until Jan 11.
5 minSysOps/Security coordination: items are heating up for more coordination and collaboration between SysOps for XES and Qualys scanning/feedback. Victor
  • Let’s brainstorm and consider one or more coordination meetings with Security team and SysOps team to get the XES index info validated/vetted and get the scanning and scanning issue resolution process defined and implemented.
0 minDTS - Not covered, no DTS reps on callVictor
  • We could start looking at all of the SPs that collect log_transfer data and make sure  that the SPs are reporting XSEDE user log_transfer data so the DTS group can have access to that info 
1 minTicket reviewVictor
  • Victor provided latest table of stale tickets for Ops
    • Action: Everyone asked to please look at their tickets and address any stale ones
0 minManager coordinationNANothing discussed

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