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8 min

Operations interconnection diagram

  • Greg mentioned that L1/L2s had a call to discuss the interconnection diagrams. 
  • Tim will distribute a spreadsheet to fill in and guidance and that it should be high level.
22 minHelp ticket data reporting Victor/Scott
  • There is a set of tickets that were submitted from an automated mechanism that was some type of mistake from
  • We discussed either deleting them or setting a tag. 
  • Greg was uncomfortable with deleting them and they are just artifacts of tickets that came in and can just have a tag that gives an indication that it is not a valid ticket and should be ignored. 
  • If we add a tag then that tag would be used to exclude tickets from reporting but that we don’t delete any tickets.
  • Also, Gary mentioned that there are ticket in the system that are actually resolved but the ticket is not being marked as revolved.
  • Greg asked is it just that people are distracted and don’t mark them resolve or something else.  
  • Gary mentioned he deals mostly via email and there is not .
  • Scott suggested we should have a parallel session for the next Quarterly Meeting. 
  • We had additional discussion about trying to have mechanisms to mark the ticket resolved via email.    
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