Discussion items

1 minDiscussion of the items related to new SPs coming on boardVictor
  • Notes for this agenda item
3 minWent over table of onboarding SPs on CRI webpageVictor Victor showed the table to the SPs so they know where to find certain info
7 min


  • Need to heck with Dave Wheeler and let him know about all the new SPs coming his way. 
  • He and Tabitha were CC’ed on the SP kick off meeting notes with Purdue. 
  • Need to reach out to these PIs when you see those kick off meeting emails
12 minTicket buckets and handlingVictor
  • Discussed whether new buckets are created when SPs come on
  • Gary recommends using the site as the ticket bucket info unless extenuating circumstances
  • Need to generate an allocated SP resource ticket monthly report and ask SPs who that report should be sent to.
  • Use the checklist review going on currently to ask the SPs who to send the report to.
2 minRDR/information services/AMIE Victor
  • Coordinate with XRAS with some support for items with XES from SysOps
6 minMgr CoordinationVictor
  • Alex mentioned that security did not seem to be as plugged in on the kick-off meetings with new SPs. 
    • This was identified as a gap. 
    • Victor will add security as a specific item to go over in the kick off meeting and make sure to CC Derek and Alex on the kick off meeting notes so they can reach out to the SP PI and team.
1 minMgr CoordinationScott
  • Reminded the mgrs that the end of the reporting period is near.
  • He will get report template completed early so Tabitha can go over it with Dave since this is his first report

Action items