Discussion items

1 minPY7 Plan/Annual ReportScott

All Ops content has been received. DTS submitted after agenda but before call.

2 minRDR changes/entriesVictor

RDR items were added. 

  • A checkbox for XSEDEnet and Longitude and Latitude. 
  • Unallocated SPs are putting entries in RDR. 
  •  See the new SP Resource Dashboard for some of this info.
2 minXES-index changesVictor

Quick update on XES-index changes.

  • Tabitha adding “Scanned by Qualys” and “Monitor with Nagios” checkboxes .
  • The Qualys one is there now.  Nagios coming.
1 minUpcoming QMVictor

Quarterly meeting coming up May 24th

  • It is a remote only quarterly meeting. 
  • Check the wiki and put this on your schedules.
2 minUpcoming NSF reviewGreg

Greg discussed the upcoming NSF Panel Review of XSEDE in early June

  • NSF  Panel Review at NSF is June 6, 7, and 8th
  • Be prepared to help with homework on the evening of June 6th and 7th
  • Tim and Adam will be on vacation during this time.
2 minOperations PIF updateVictor

The Operations Project Innovation Fund request was withdrawn and we are going in with the RAS team to test moving the XDCDB primary instance to AWS. 

  • Gary and I started meeting with Amy.
2 minIU PCR for Quarry retirementScott

IU PCR – IU has turned in a PCR to decommission Quarry for Science Gateway and XES use.

  • Note effective dates are end of Aug for Science Gateway decommission and end of Dec for XES
6 minXSEDE data request from 3rd partiesGreg

Ticket data and other data has been requested by Univ of Georgia researcher (Nick). 

  • Discussion of privacy policy and sanitizing data
  • Request are coming in from researchers for XSEDE data. 
  • Nick Berente is one and he is asking for ticket data currently. 
  • We are not sure what other data to share or that we can share. 
  • Greg pointed them to XDMoD as an example. 
  • Probably could use an MOU with the researcher for data we share with them.
5 minAccounts and Accounting systemVictor

Accounts and Accounting system

  • Discuss XSEDE project allocation renewals and user account renewals.  According to Greg, Chris Hempel may not know it but he is in charge of this task.
  • Discuss XSEDE activity working on the XSEDE user account deactivate and who to notify.
  • Had a discussion about the activity to do the XSEDE deactivate and how to notify people. 
    • We discussed this and Adam will go talk with Venkat to give him instructions on the notification part. 
    • We said we probably don’t want automatic notifications, but more of a selection. 
    • Adam will communicate what is wanted.
4 minMgr discussionsGreg

Greg asked what is the status of the Kerberos move from SysOps to Security? 

  • Adam talked with Jim E. about it to transition this summer.  He will have the admins submit a plan. 
  • Globus group is funded for support and the link in is in Operations.  
    • Greg found out Operations is the home for Globus in XSEDE.   
    • Adam mentioned that the plan for Globus is to get out of the support of the toolkits. 
    • Things like GSI-OpenSSH are an issue for XSEDE.

Action items