Discussion items

4 minStatus on PY7 plan (and overview of the changed metrics for Ops for PY7)Scott

Scott gave status on the PY7 plan. 

    • It is in John’s hands now and if he has questions he will get them to us.
5 minStatus of security guidelines for XSEDE Enterprise Services in the cloudVictor

Jim sent the docs to Victor for review. 

  • Victor to review and get that back asap
2 minXOC staffing updateVictor/ScottPY7 staffing back to regular rate for 7x24 for PY7 (starting Sept 2017).
2 minDiscussion of DTS group and XSEDE gridftp log data capability VictorWe need to revisit this and see if the data collection capability is in place and if so then ask the SPs to send this data.
0 min

Manager Discussions

2 minAnnouncements/Notifications:Victor/Scott/Julie

(1)    DTS metrics talk perhaps on Tuesday morning (9-10am Tuesday Tim is busy; other times are ok)

(2)    Staff climate survey email was sent.  Please find it and fill it out.

Action items