1. Use Cases and CDPs
  2. Activities
  3. PY7 Plan

1. Use Cases and CDPs

Use Case Development

Group Management

Use Cases that need CDPs

CI-01 Access XSEDE system details

CI-02 Manually update XSEDE system details 

CI-03 Continuously maintain service availability and status details

IDM-11 Use an XSEDE identity for InCommon authentication


SGW-04 Data movement between gateway users' desktop/laptops and XSEDE resources


SPI-05 Active account information

SPI-06 Emergency account suspension 

Use Case Backlog

GRP-01 Researcher manages membership of a project group

IAAS-08 Dynamically acquire and manage hosted computer systems and storage volumes  

IAAS-09 Reliably acquire and manage hosted computer systems and/or storage volumes 

IDM-03 Change an XSEDE user profile

IDM-12 Single sign-on for XSEDE OpenStack resources

IDM-13 Authenticate to XSEDE OpenStack APIs

2. Current Activities

CB-08 Use XSEDE SSO with campus login servers

SPI-01 Resource Integration Console

SPI-03 View all resource information

SPI-04 Access resource information from an application

DA-01 Analytics resources and information

DA-02 Data preparation

SGW-01 Science Gateways user authentication and identity management


3. PY7 Plans






Action items