o   How much does it matter to the staff (in practice, not in theory) that groups defined in one tool (e.g., the ticket system) don't automatically carry over to other tools (e.g., XUP, Confluence, JIRA, staff allocations, e-mail lists)?

o   Which specific connections for group definitions in tools would be most helpful and/or time-saving? (e.g., ticket system & JIRA?; Staff allocations & XUP?; confluence and e-mail lists?)

o   Are there any hidden pitfalls or unintended consequences we need to avoid?

-          (From Adam) Kerberos administration

-          (From Adam) XSEDE email and mailing lists

Discussion items

1 minReminder of upcoming QM in Tempe, AZVictor
  • Attendees should already have made accommodations and flight arrangements
30 minXSEDE managed group discussionsLee Liming
  • Lee presented an initial list of services ripe for managed groups (Google Doc - ask for access, Doc contains notes)
  • Discussion centered on group-based access control and group management
  • Discussions will continue
0 minManager CoordinationNoneNA

Action items