Project Title

PI Name: 
PI Institution 
ECSS Consultant(s): Name (Center) 
Allocation Start Date: 
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Please insert the abstract from the allocations award here  

Executive Summary:

Short paragraph or two that summarizes the user problem, background information, concise analysis and main conclusions/solutions. 

Statement by the PI:

A one-paragraph statement from the PI or other non-staff member of the project team, summarizing their assessment of the success and significance of this collaboration 



Describe how the ECSS project was initiated (user submitted a proposal, a ticket, etc) and the steps used to address the problem as the ECSS project was executed. 

Technical Details:

Describe the problem in technical terms along with possible solutions and the actual solution. Include “before and after” performance charts etc. as applicable. 

Collaboration Details:

Summarize the role and contributions (by name and institution) of the ECSS staff and project team members. 

Outcome and Recommendations:

 What was the final product/project produced by the team?

What is the recommendation of the consultant for the PI to build upon this project in future?

Lessons Learned:

Describe any lessons learned while completing this project that other ECSS staff (or XSEDE staff) may find of value. Describe any plans to write an advanced topic article for documentation or to create a tutorial based on lessons learned in this project. Consider volunteering to give a talk at the monthly ECSS symposium.


What impact does the completion of this project have on the project team, XSEDE and the community as a whole?



List any publications that have been (or may be) generated from this project or any conferences at which it might be relevant to present this work.