Discussion items

2 min

Status of PY10 planning

  • PY10 plan turned in, John made his pass and approved, and it is a wrap. 
  • No significant change from last year except a little bit of discussion about transition planning for PY10.
  • Plan now goes to the XAB for review and feedback.
  • Scott will provide feedback once received.
 8 min Discussion of a PY11 extension submission and items that need to be considered Victor
  • There are XES that have licensed software and we need to identify them and come up with a transition plan. 
  • There are multiple licenses throughout XSEDE Globus, Duo, Liferay, CILogon and other Incommon, Altassian, HSMs at NCSA, MyProxy CA. 
  • Scott will have some additional guidance on the supplement soon. 
7 min

Discussion of the two tickets about user request to be “forgotten”

  • Need some update to documents regarding the ability to be forgotten. 
  • Need to keep the GDPR lawyer at U of Illinois in the loop. 
  • Need to keep things consistent and that with NSF funding we cannot only remove so much of a user. 
  • Can have a different process for portal only access versus portal and having allocation access. 
  • Ops to draft a process for removing users and having the appropriate documents telling users what can be deleted. 
  • Bring it up on next SMT as well.
2Mgr Coordination
  • XOC is running with one person at the building and the rest working remotely.
  • Thanks to Scott from Carman for working with Carman on getting familiar with Ops processes and procedures!

Action items