Action Items:

Due Date

Add user stories to RSP

Add the two user stories proposed by Ruth M. to the Research Software Portal use case repository

Lee Liming





Notes/ Discussion items:

Ruth Marinshaw (Stanford) asked a question (originating from her campus) about why a researcher would need a CILogon Silver certificate. Lee and JP answered, noting that there are two use cases related to this in the use case repository (IDM-17 and SPI-13) and referring Ruth to the CILogon documentation for more info. Short answer: It's mainly to access research systems in other countries that require X.509 certificates with a certain level of assurance for user authentication. These are mostly in High Energy Physics and disciplines that use Open Science Grid resources.

Ruth proposed the following two user stories.  We believe that the first is most likely NOT currently available in XSEDE and we believe that the second is already happening.