Discussion items

5 minQuarterly reportingScott
  • Scott mentioned getting all text into the Google doc template. Let him know if you have questions.  
  • Scott went over the XSEDE reporting process starting with the Ops Google doc template. 
    • Google Doc -> L3 Mgrs -> Greg -> to Scott -> enter into master report document -> Review by John -> comments/updates/questions for our section goes to Scott -> updates go back into document. 
    • Carman asked about where the ticket metrics come from.  Gary pulls these from the RT system with scripts developed over the last project years.
 5 min Discuss how to address and retire Recommendation 66Victor
  •  Received good comments from Tabitha and Tim on questions that arise for this and that we don’t have a good way to get the answers to our questions.  
    • What is the scorecard, how is it scored, what is the score used for in decision making or other?  Also, what software would be scored by this and what problem is this trying to resolve?
3 minStatus of Ticket 114709 – erase existence of a userVictor
  • Victor mentioned we need to address this and will schedule a separate kick off meeting to get this going.  Also need to put that ticket in internal wait status.
3 minReview Ops ticketsVictor
  • Victor went over Ops ticket queues to remind L3 Mgrs to take a look at these this week.
5 minMgr. coordination
  • Tim asked for guidance on his report section. 
    • Victor and Scott mentioned to have a couple of paragraphs on activities and could mention the discussions with Open Storage Network on possibilities of how they can connect to XSEDE.
    • Also, Derek asked about how to report on the security incident. Guidance was to give high level details, reference the report provided, and can put a footnote for the outage time in the metric to give the details of what service was impacted (which was the portal).  

Action items