Discussion items

20 minReview of User Survey documentJulie
  • Scott introduced Julie and mentioned he sent a note with the survey document that Julie was going over. 
  • Julie mentioned that the survey is covered by IRB at Indiana and went through the questions in the document one by one.  
  • Tabitha mentioned the data transfer services items and will get back to Julie with feedback. 
  • Other items were discussed and Ops will review and get feedback (in the document) to Julie by next Tuesday.
  • See action item below
 2 min Staff Wiki feedbackScott
  • One of the areas in the staff climate survey that XSEDE does not get good marks is the use (usefulness) of the wiki.  
  • Scott discussed the need to get Ops staff feedback on the wiki to facilitate improvement.
  • Mgrs were asked to make the wiki an agenda item on their respective meeting calls to solicit feedback.
  • See action item below
1 minReminder of previous meeting discussion itemsVictor
1 minShort mention to Gary about Craig Stewart's data requestVictor
  • Will discuss more about this offline
2 minReview of help ticket 114709 re: erasure of a userVictor
  • Derek mentioned we need to limit how much effort we expend to do something like this.  
  • We should start with some guidance like this.
  • See action item below
NAMgr coordination

Action items