Mission Statement

The mission of the Extended Support for Science Gateways is to broaden science gateways' scientific impact and accelerate the scientific discovery that they enable by collaboratively assisting science gateways in the use of the diverse set of XSEDE resources. 

Goals, Metrics & KPIs


# of completed projects 10 
Average impact and satisfaction ratings (out of 5) from PI follow-up interviews 
4.5 (satisfaction) and 4.0 (impact)
# of projects initiated and discontinued
# of projects with work plans
10 completed per year within 45 days of initial PI contact 
# of projects with completed work plans
90% of total 
# of final reports
85% of completed projects (8 per year) within 3 months of project end

Team Members

Rob QuickIUManagerrquick@iu.edu
Sudhakar PamidighantamIUConsultantpamidigs@iu.edu
Eroma AbeysingheIUConsultanteabeysin@iu.edu
Suresh MarruIUConsultantsmarru@iu.edu
Christopher ThompsonPurdueConsultantthompscs@purdue.edu
Lan ZhaoPurdueConsultantlanzhao@purdue.edu
Mona Wong-BarnumSDSCConsultantmona@sdsc.edu
Terri SchwartzSDSCConsultantterri@sdsc.edu
Choonhan YounSDSCConsultantcyoun@sdsc.edu
Andrea ZoncaSDSCConsultantzonca@sdsc.edu
Yan LiuUIUCConsultantyanliu@illinois.edu
Mats RyngeUSCConsultantrynge@isi.edu


Communication & Meetings

New Staff Orientation