XSEDE Quarterly Meeting Action Items and Decision Recording



Date:  Wednesday, December 4th & Thursday, December 5th from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm CT

Location:  Remote Sessions only

Zoom coordinates sent by Outlook meeting invitation or available here.

Agenda (Final)

Wednesday, December 4th

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Time (CT)DurationTopic (presentation link)LeadActions/DecisionsParticipants
Plenary9:00am-9:15am15 minsGathering & welcomeAll
Plenary9:15am-9:45am30 minsPM&R updateAll
Break9:50am-10:00am15 minsBreak   
Plenary10:00am-11:45am105 mins

L2 Response to Climate Study


L2 Directors

L2 Response to Climate Study

Leslie Froeschl

Actions/ Decisions

Break11:45am-12:00pm15 minsBreak   
Plenary12:00pm-12:45pm45 mins

Review L2 diagrams demonstrating interconnections across project

Combined diagrams

L2 DirectorsAll
Break12:45pm-1:00pm15 minsBreak  


Parallel A1:00pm-1:45pm45 minsResponse to OAC Blueprint: Coordination ServicesJohn TownsSMT members & others interested
Break1:45pm-2:00pm15 minsBreak   
Parallel A2:00pm-3:45pm105 mins

Responses to:

OAC Blueprint: Overview and Computational Ecosystem

NSF DCL/RFI 20-015 (Data-Focused Cyberinfrastructure)

OAC Blueprint: International Research & Education Network Connections

John Towns SMT members & others interested

Thursday, December 5th

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Time (CT)DurationTopic (presentation link)LeadActions/DecisionsParticipants
Parallel A9:00am-9:45am45 minsService Provider user needs and use case input (slides)

SP user support representatives that are aware of user needs & others as interested

Parallel B9:00am-9:45am45 minsECSS Management: PY9 progress review and planningECSS Management and PMs
Break9:45am-10:00am15 minsBreak   
Parallel A10:00am-10:45am45 mins

Code of Conduct Working Session

Parallel B10:00am-10:45am45 minsXSEDE Development Coordination Council (RAS Slides, XCI Slides)Ester Soriano

RAS, XCI, XSEDE Security Team, XUP, and others as Interested

Break10:45am-11:00am15 minsBreak   
Parallel A11:00am-11:45am45 minsRobert Sinkovits

ECSS Management

Parallel B11:00am-11:45am45 mins<open>

Break11:45am-12:00pm15 minsBreak   
Parallel A12:00pm-12:45pm45 minsNew Field of Science categories for XSEDEDavid Hart

John Towns , Sergiu Sanielevici & others as interested

Parallel B12:00pm-12:45pm45 minsWorkforce Development and Broadening Participation Open RecommendationsLinda Akli
Break12:45pm-1:00pm15 minsBreak   
Parallel A1:00pm-1:45pm45 minsAll Education/Training meeting
Break1:45pm-2:00pm15 minsBreak   
Parallel A2:00pm-2:45pm45 minsDiscussion about the recent XDCDB incident

Gregory Peterson , John Towns , and others as Interested

Break2:45pm-3:00pm15 minsBreak   
Parallel A3:00pm-4:00pm60 mins<open>


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