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 Review of group meeting times/recurrance; meeting minutes posting reminderVictor

This is a reminder to post meeting minutes here on the wiki

  • Security: twice a month; 1st/3rd Thursday’s 4pm Eastern
  • Security incident: weekly, Monday 3pm Easter
  • Networking/Data Services: weekly, Thursdays 3:30-4pm Central
  • SysOps: 3rd Friday of the month, 2pm Eastern
 Status: SSO Hub outage and TACC incidentVictor

We reviewed the status and had a short discussion about it (specific content omitted here for obvious reasons)


Action items for lessons learned from SSO Hub outage

  • Interim incident report to NSF (completed 1/9/17)
  • PEP review and response to Rudi; Jim to review and send email
  • SSO Hub security audit (Victor)
  • Review of XES security baseline standard
  • Monitoring:  what to check/how detailed; Adam mentioned this
  • SSO hub backup; for SysOps
  • XSEDE central syslog server; for SysOps
  • Follow up and discuss an Incident response/Communications plan related to users/staff/NSF/SPs
  • Discussion about SSO hub and Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA); several issues here; Gary and Victor to contact Duo and keep Greg in the loop.
 Non-FTE budget processVictor
  • Discussed the non-FTE budget process, which is different in XSEDE2 and specifically mentioned using the new process for perfSONAR purchases
 Manager coordinationNoneNone

Action items