Boilerplate language will be developed for targets that have been met or on track. 
Images for science highlights won't be inserted into Google doc (note that image will be inserted in Word doc) 
Reporting period should be referred to as a reporting period–not quarter–to reinforce that it isn't always a quarter and that the duration of the period will be different at different times. 
John's review will allocated to 2 days (day 1–initial review and comments/questions in doc, day 2-review of comment/question responses) 
L2 / L3 areas that feel comfortable doing so should enter their report contributions a couple days before end of month. Many can give solid draft and tweak it once the final data is provided. Content review in google doc–if ready early can alert John so he can review it ahead of time. Need to address how to orchestrate to allow different sections to move asynchronously.  


Action Items:

Due Date
Modify template to accommodate new and changed content. Reconcile AM/KPI target frequency. Scott Wells 
Discuss options for table headers as alternates to Q1, Q2, etc. since we aren't referring to quarters. Note from Dave H. that appendix will remain quarterly. Scott Wells 
Write boilerplate language for targets that have been met or on track. Scott Wells 
Bring back up issue of moving appendices to separate document to resolve latency issues. Scott Wells 
Figure out how to orchestrate allowing different sections to move asynchronously through reporting process. Scott Wells