IPR/Annual Report FormattingWhatever we did with the report, let's continue with that (report formatting/normalization) so that it is consistent in future reports. Note: check back to final IPR1 for verification. Some things were reformatted based on Towns' feedback
Metrics definitionsMetrics definitions will be maintained on a wiki page. Text should be added into the "How to read this report" area that discusses a bit more about the metrics definitions page on wiki and give readers a bit more information than just being blindly sent to the wiki page
Static textChanges to static text need to come as a PCR; NOT a change in a reporting document. 

Action Items:

Due Date
HighlightsDiscuss with John: Google Doc should have all highlights in it so that people can review it. Is there a better way to get these highlights, which sometimes contain images, in the Google Doc so that the text always makes sense (ie if images are missing but text references images, then there's a problem). Kandace Turner 
Text consistency

Text consistency when a target is met: Does John want specific text here so it's consistent throughout the report? If he does not have a preference one way or another, then PM&R should make the decision. 

Ron Payne
Karla Gendler
Scott Wells
How to read this reportArea regarding how the report should be read needs to be created sooner than later so that we are not scrambling to come up with it during next reporting time.Leslie Froeschl 
AM/KPI indication?Area Metrics that are also KPIs, should it be indicated that they are both? Janet Brown 
Metrics definitionsMetrics definitions should be maintained on the wiki and linked to in the report.Scott Wells 
Common changesList of words/phrases that are checked/corrected needs to be added to the WikiLaura T. Herriott