Action Items: FYI, all of these have been resolved; therefore, I did not open any JIRA items to track ~ Laura 12/14/16

Due Date
Do interviews with individuals to tease out the value of XSEDE vs. SP resources Craig Stewart12/31/2016
How to quantify "we couldn't have done this work without XSEDE" Craig Stewart12/31/2016

Ralph - RAS section, every completed project that doesn't come back for renewal needs to submit a final report. Could add a question in that final report

 Craig Stewart12/31/2016
Talk with Greg regarding Operations value Craig Stewart12/31/2016
Consider Garnder assessment, per John – UIUC has connection Craig Stewart12/31/2016
Slide 10 typo Greta to Great, if using these slides in the future Craig Stewart12/31/2016

Consider the usefulness of presenting the ROI discussion in the same structure as the L2 areas

 Craig Stewart12/31/2016
Consider looking at the analysis and then driving ROI Craig Stewart12/31/2016
Consider discussing ROI with UAC Craig Stewart12/31/2016
Consider the cost for a user and the value of ECSS alone Craig Stewart12/31/2016