Executive Summary of Meeting

Wed, 12/13 – 11am-12pm ET | 10-11am CT | 9-10am MT | 8-9am PT


PRESENT (tick)/(error)
XAB Members 
Karin Remington (Chair)(tick)
Randy Bryant(tick)
Thomas Cheatham(tick)
Toni Collis(error)
Rama Govindaraju(error)
Cliff Jacobs(tick)
Albert Lazzarini(tick)
Phil Maechling(tick)
Shaowen Wang(error)
Theresa Windus(tick)
Service Provider Forum 

Dan Stanzione


Shawn Strande

Craig Stewart(tick)
User Advisory Committee 
Emre Brookes(tick)
XSEDE Staff 
John Towns(tick)
Nancy Wilkins-Diehr(tick)
Kelly Gaither(error)
David Lifka(error)
David Hart(tick)
Sergiu Sanielevici(tick)
Gregory Peterson(tick)
Ron Payne(tick)
Jennifer Houchins(tick)
Laura T. Herriott(error)
Lizanne DeStefano(error)
Lorna Rivera(tick)
Adam Slagell(error)


10 minAcceptance of previous meeting summariesKarin
  • Acceptance feedback for June & Aug. summaries due EOB today (12/13). Ron to setup Google poll for approval of June & Aug Summaries.
  • Attendance should be added to summaries.
  • XSEDE wiki page link should be added to summaries.
  • Summaries will be added to quarterly reports to NSF.
  • Summaries will be generic be design. Details of discussions will not be provided to the NSF.
10 min

Acknowledgement of 2018 XAB meeting schedule

  • Wed, 7-Feb. @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CT – Conference call
  • Tue, 17-Apr. (eve) & Wed, 18-Apr. (all day) – Face-to-face in Rosemont, IL
  • Wed, 20-Jun. @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CT – Conference call
  • Wed, 22-Aug. @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CT – Conference call
  • Wed, 10-Oct. @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm CT – Webinar
  • Wed, 12-Dec. @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CT – Conference call
  • Calander appointments sent out for all 2018 meetings
  • Most important is the April face-to-face meeting
  • Members to attend as much as possible
  • Ron to follow-up with XAB members to confirm the dates for the April face-to-face meeting (17/18 or 24/25). Follow-up: participant availability is better on the 17 & 18. Current Outlook appointments confirmed to show 17 & 18. Wiki updated to reflect the April meeting on the 17th & 18th.
40 min

Discussion on materials for the mid-year review


  • John
  • Ron
  • Greg

John's opening remarks

  • Will include: engagement with IRIS, benefits of split-funded staff, new science highlights. This aproach has been reviewed with CPO.


  • Need to set expectations of how new computing resources are loaded
  • Should be more definitive with comments on the slides


  • Include the purpose of metrics and how we have learned from our historical use of metrics.


  • Should know total cost of incident.
  • How should ROI by approached other than downtime: should characterize in a positive way (availability vs downtime)
 Close MeetingKarin 

Presentation Materials

Action items