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Program and Project Manangers


5 min


  • Suggestion to switch to Zoom rather than S4B
  • Thank you for joining
John Towns & Karin Remington 
25 min

Update from John

  • Debrief of Cyberinfrastructure for NSF Large Facilities Workshop
    • CI Providers + Large Facilities
    • How to operationalize through leveraging gains
    • Ongoing discusion
    • Potential to improve ROI
    • XSEDE, Open Science Grid, regional service providers such as iRODS RENCI
    • For example, multiple solutions for SSO
    • Workforce development
  • Preliminary discussion with IRIS (Univ. Mich.) on ROI and impact measures 
    • Collaboration among BTAA institutions to formulate measures on ROI
    • Focus on economic impact and other forms of impact
    • Applying their work to XSEDE so that we can articulate value
    • Will collect data but have data already on many XSEDE institutions
    • Incentive for institutions to become a member of IRIS to
    • Karin - getting internal perspectives from University of Michigan ACTION
  • XSEDE is offering collaboration opportunities for solicitation: Towards a Leadership Class Computing Facility
    • Change in XSEDE to cooperate with LCCF activities; any work would be parallel/separate activities but allow investments that NSF has made
    • Working on competing proposals; NSF does not see COI and suggestion to talk to Sponsored Projects Office
    • Cliff - would it be appropriate to write a letter to the Program Officer outlining the pros and cons to make aware, from XAB
    • John - will talk with cognizant program officer and get back to XAB ACTION
John Towns 
90 min

Evaluation Updates

  • Staff Climate Survey
    • Inward looking annual online survey of all staff and leadership that began in 2013, just completed 5th survey. Click title to view slides
    • XSEDE the first virtual institute to be studied
    • XSEDE finds the data valuable
    • Cliff - how the virtual organization stacks up against the traditional organization
      • Have standard set of questions asked of all institutes
      • Most employees are part-time, so XSEDE is only a part of what they do; getting people to think about XSEDE as an organization
      • Comprarable to the best and significantly higher than other virtual organizations. In particular: communications, leadership, and inclusion
      • The success of organzations when they are well-managed
      • John, the L2 Directors, and the L3 Managers do an incredible job of leading XSEDE
      • Detailed data is available to a level that protects anonimity
      • Focus groups look at the extreme responder
  • User Survey
    • Outward looking at those who use XSEDE services began during TerraGrid, now administered by Evaluation team. Click title to view slides
    • Slide 17 important points. Cliff - NSF needs to be reminded that they wanted to bring order to a chaotic system and this slide shows XSEDE is doing that RECOMMENDATION
    • Emre - 32% have used XSEDE for less than 1 year; correlation to users over time. Graduate students + postdocs. Feedback from UAC in November–we could schedule a meeting or survey via mail list, work with Julie
      • Dave Hart - 30-39% awarded for new users at XRAC level
    • UAC should get representation from new users ACTION
  • Metrics review
    • John - thank you for the team who has been working this as part of the Performance Management Plan. Will set us on a course for good use of our metrics going forward. This is critical for us to define these well and how we are using them for decisions and guiding project
    • Cliff - KPIs mapped to criteria on surveys. KPIs should be how happy it makes its users. KPIs are focusing on the internal management rather than the output RECOMMENDATION
      • Trying to do what you are suggesting
    • Cliff - metrics are about what you are trying to achieve
    • Karin - having the culture to do this and making this a value for XSEDE
    • Phil - could we imitate process? ACTION Ron send rubric
      • We will also write this in an article
    • Shaowen - impressed by assessment. Appreicate how hard it is to run a project of this scale and the users involved. Pleasantly surprised at the rigidness of assembling the dimensions. Congratulations. Positive outcome.
Lizanne Destefano 
120 min

PY8 Planning: CEE

  • Impact in CEE
  • Publications initiative
  • Scaling out such as campus Engagement
  • Demostrate all points in the process
  • Cliff - familiar SOARS program, you've described a portfolio of activities. Be careful to separate output to outcomes to organize how you present the multiple activities RECOMMENDATION
    • Define what the definitions are in the context of XSEDE RECOMMENDATION
  • Reduce ESSGW
  • Build support for Cloud-related technologies
Kelly Gaither 

PY8 Planning: ECSS

  • Click on Title to see slides
  • Cliff - transparency into issues to solve, to see if someone else has worked toward a solution already RECOMMENDATION
    • Nancy - what form does that take, etc?
    • Sergiu - PEARC or other meetings
  • Cliff - optimizing technology beyond observations RECOMMENDATION
  • Cliff - emphasize the point: looking over the horizon at major challenges in order to guide the community for emerging technologies that enable research RECOMMENDATION
  • Cliff - reproducable research tools or tutorials RECOMMENDATION
  • Karin - younger scientific research workforce preparing for this ahead of time RECOMMENDATION
  • Karin - building champions community with pressure from NSF, are they not hearing you?
Nancy Wilkins-Diehr &
Sergiu Sanielevici
 PY8 Planning: XCIDave Lifka 

PY8 Planning: Ops

  • Karin - timeline for Cloud services?
    • Jetstream; Comet and Bridges with virtualization and failover for years
Greg Peterson 

PY8 Planning: RAS

  • On track with long-term plan from proposal
Dave Hart 

PY8 Planning: PgO

  • No guidance on transition plan: PY8 high-level; PY10 detailed
  • Cliff - all presentations are positive, evaluation and metrics–we have achieved much well. Outline a plan how to transition each plan. Frame with positive achievements. A lot would have to be reproduced to keep the outcome the same. Community will want a seamless transition rather than starting from scratch. RECOMMENDATION
  • Cliff - meeting or exceeding community's expectations. Shouldn't expect a radical change in services that we have improved over a decade. What the community expects and what XSEDE has provided RECOMMENDATION
Ron Payne 

Overall thoughts from XAB

  • Phil - XSEDE user news email was confusing
    • John - 3rd item in John's update
  • Karin - thank you everyone for your input and expertise

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