Discussion items

 IPR1 (project report) updateScott

Informed managers that we have all the input for the report and it has been put together and turned over to Greg for review.


Process improvements

ScottReminded everyone to add any improvements they had to the google document that Ron Payne pointed to in his e-mail. Asked managers to enter process improvements for XSEDE that were implemented in this reporting period (Sept and Oct). This is a metric in the program office that Ron needs to keep track of XSEDE project-wide.

Networking: Request from Dell for routing table and ACL length on WAN network devices at supercomputer centers (note sent to Tim)

VictorDell sent a note to Victor asking for input 

XSEDE website change, now called XCSR

VictorReminded everyone that the new name is XCSR

Cloud discussion (from previous)

VictorInfrastructure items like logs and configuration need to be defined. 
  Discussion of coordination with other XSEDE divisions, specifically, XCI and RAS
VictorSuggested that we should be communicating with the other XSEDE divisions. Victor will look into joining some of the other division calls to coordinate and keep doors open and be proactive with changes, new developments, etc.
 Mgr coordinationVictorCompleted the SP checklist reviews. If interested you can see them here:

Action items