Mission Statement

The mission of XSEDE User Engagement is improving support, operations, capabilities, interfaces, procedures, and policies by maintaining persistent, personal contact with the community. 

Goals, Metrics, KPIs

Primary Metrics
Number of active and new PIs contacted quarterly
Number of user requirements entered/tracked
Number of user requirements resolved
Additional Metrics
# of responses to PI emails each quarter
# of responses to each micro survey
# of annual user satisfaction survey respondents interviewed
# of XSEDE-wide tickets
# of XSEDE-wide tickets addressed


Team Members

Chris HempelTACCManagerhempel@tacc.utexas.edu
Rick CostaPSC costa@psc.edu
Weddie JacksonNCSA weddie@ncsa.edu
Bobby WhittenNICS rwhitte4@utk.edu
Nicole WolterSDSC nickel@sdsc.edu


Communication & Meetings

Bi-weekly status meetings - day/time TBD

User Engagement Meetings

New Staff Orientation