Discussion items

6minStatus of XSEDE2 ticket queue conversionMike
  • Still need some queues for the CEE division.  
  • The 1.6.5 campus bridging queue can be retired as it goes with XCI.
  • Victor will check with Chris and Kelly on the last few XSEDE1 queues and what to do with them.
2minUpdate to the XSEDE Acceptable Use PolicyVictor
  • Jim to review and update the AUP and send recommendation draft to Greg to review and bring to XSEDE leadership
19minCloud services discussionVictor

Discussion about possibly moving services to the cloud as requested by John/Dave (I obtained some cost info). 

  • Questions that come into play are the compute capacity and storage needed.  Most likely a dedicated host resource not on demand. 
  • Perhaps come up with categorization of which services could easily move to cloud.   We need to check.
  • Need to also consider the cost of moving the service and the cost savings for application administrator.  Also some of the internet costs.  
  • Need to include the 5 data center contacts to discuss this further as well.  Need to know when their upgrade timeframe is.
8minCentral Services security monitoring and scanningJim
  • perfSONAR devices are not Enterprise Services and are not required to be listed in XES-index. 
  • Regarding perfSONAR getting scanned by the Qualys services, Tim will bring this up on the next call and discuss with adding this scanning to Qualys for the perfSONAR systems.
  • Jim asked if there are other services that are not in XES-index that need to be monitored and scanned?  The gateway systems are an example.  Could look at those systems in the XSEDE Nagios to see what is not in XES.

Upcoming IPR information/instructions

  • We will be reporting on Sept and Oct for the first report of XSEDE2.  
  • Scott will be sending each L3 their template and information on how to complete this. 
  • There was also a reminder of the email from Leslie Morsek regarding Other Metrics that provides some instructions on how to complete these metrics in the report Appendix.
NAMgr. coordinationNoneNot discussion. Meeting ran over, so this item was tabled.

Action items

Tim Boerner: